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My Name is Rose Nehme; I am the proprietor of Roseys Talent Consultants, Roseys Model Management and Roseys Casting Consultants.
I met John Burke over 25 years ago. John has played a very important role as teacher, friend, mentor, and adviser in the growth and development of my successful business. I will, and have no shame in admitting if it wasn’t because for the solid rock support I have had from John for the past 25 years my business would not have grown the to the level it is today. All credit to John.
I know at the beginning of my career as a casting director, in the most competitive industry in the world I faced many difficult challenges, many mountains and hurdles to over come. I know with the extensive expertise, knowledge and great experience and education that John Burke has, he has always been the man to turn to in my most difficult times. There was never a financial or accounting, or business management problem I have had, that John didn’t resolve.
I am a very honoured lady to have met John also to have had him as my guide and guardian through the years.
Thank you with all my heart.
Its all because of John, ROSEYS is the largest talent consultants in Australia and recognized world wide."

Rose Nehme, Director, Roseys Talent Consultants, Roseys Model Management, Roseys Casting Consultants. January 2014




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