Refunds unclaimed by thousands of NBN customers

Source: Mybusiness 23 January 2019

Refunds worth up to hundreds of dollars are being left unclaimed by NBN customers after the competition regulator intervened over misleading advertising on internet speeds.

The ACCC has urged NBN customers who are experiencing slow internet connections to reach out to their internet provider, as they may be entitled to have some of their bills refunded.

It follows admissions by a number of internet service providers — Telstra, Optus, TPG, iiNet, iPrimus, Dodo and Commander — that they had likely misled customers about connection speeds on NBN plans.

According to the regulator, the telcos had advertised and sold NBN plans using maximum theoretical speeds, where such speeds could never realistically be attained because of the limitations of the fibre to the building or fibre to the node technologies being used to deliver the service.

All eight companies have agreed, since November 2017, to contact more than 142,000 customers affected to offer redress, including refunds.

Yet despite money being on the table for customers, the vast majority have not yet claimed their entitled refunds.

This includes customers who may have signed up more recently, given that the providers are required to check the speeds of new customers within four weeks, and offer remedies if the speeds achieved fall below that advertised under the plan.

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